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You’re under the mistletoe!
(1) Hold this mistletoe pic on your phone over your head (2) Get a pic of someone kissing you (3) Post it using #kissandtella (4) Make a donation at (5) Pass it on! Then tag your friends on Facebook and Instagram.


Share your kiss photo under the mistletoe using #kissandtella



The Highland Park Village has graciously offered to match any mistletoe purchased on location at one of the stands during the following times:

December 11: 4 to 5:30pm
in front of Avant Garden
at The Highland Park Village


December 13: 1 to 4pm
in front of Royal Blue Grocery
at The Highland Park Village


December 19: 1 to 4pm
in front of Shinola
at The Highland Park Village

December 20: 1 to 4pm
in front of Five & Ten
at The Highland Park Village


December 22: 1 to 4pm
in front of Market
at The Highland Park Village


It started in 2012, Stella feared the worst for New York City when Hurricane Sandy hit. She felt helpless watching the news and asked, "What can a KID do to help?!"


Her answer: cut down mistletoe, decorate it with bows and bells and sell it in the front yard. Her first stand sold out in thirty minutes. "Mistletoe is PURE PROFIT!", she overheard someone say and indeed it was. By the time Christmas rolled around, Stella had raised $2,034 and had a check for the American Red Cross headquarters in New York City. After delivering the check in person, Stella learned first hand how the Red Cross disaster relief teams help people in need. She was invited to Brooklyn, meeting fire fighters who had saved entire neighborhoods, while their own homes succumbed to Hurricane Sandy. They thanked a kid for helping.


All year long, when people asked Stella about her plans for 2013, her plan stayed true. She wanted to raise more funds. How? EASY, Stella enlisted a team of the most clever and talented friends from school. She envisioned that some kids would make signs, some would sell mistletoe at stands and others would help spread the word that kids can help others. So, in 2013 a BAND of BUDDIES donned red hats and SOLD, SOLD, SOLD mistletoe raising an astonishing $8,421.


One friend in particular, Quinn, really got involved in the fund raising and together with Stella decided that this year, a team of TWO might accomplish more good, and indeed they did. 2014 exceeded all hopes and dreams reaping over $18,000 and FEEDING over 54,000 people. Stella and Quinn were elated and are  back again selling MISTLEOE in December with GREAT PURPOSE100% of the proceeds from the 2015 Mistletoe stands will go to the North Texas Food Bank! Did you know that One dollar feeds THREE meals at the Food Bank? AND this YEAR, thanks to the Highland Park Village, $1 will feed SIX people. Won’t you come and see the kids in the red hats at a stand this December? Or JOIN in the Kiss-and-Tella challenge! Help Stella and Quinn and gang reach their GOAL to feed 90,000 people with the help of the North Texas Food Bank.