North Texas Food Bank
The Challenge




Click download link above to download and copy our mistletoe image to your phone. Post to your Instagram or Facebook, then tag your friends with the following copy:


You’re under the mistletoe!
(1) Hold this mistletoe pic on your phone over your head (2) Get a pic of someone kissing you (3) Post it using #kissandtella (4) Make a donation at (5) Pass it on! Then tag your friends on Facebook and Instagram.


Share your kiss photo under the mistletoe using #kissandtella




Join us at one of our stands at The Highland Park Village, during the following times:

December 20: 2 to 5pm
headquarters: Royal Blue Grocery


December 21: 10 to 2pm
headquarters: Royal Blue Grocery

December 22: 10 to 2pm
headquarters: Royal Blue Grocery


December 23: 10 to 2pm
headquarters: Royal Blue Grocery


Our Mission: We are a group of friends who sell mistletoe during the holidays to raise money for the North Texas Food Bank, to feed hungry families in our community.


Our Goal: Raise $70,000 so we can feed 210,000 kids! This year we are going for a huge goal only Guinness knows how big! We are going to be breaking the Guinness World Record for Most People Kissing Under Mistletoe and YOU can PARTICIPATE!


It all started in 2012 when Stella was worried about her friends in New York after Hurricane Sandy hit. She felt helpless watching the news and asked, "What can a KID do to help?!"


Stella’s parents recommended a lemonade stand, but she exclaimed, “It’s winter – no one’s going to buy lemonade!” Her solution: cut down mistletoe, decorate it with bows and bells and sell it in the front yard. Her first stand sold out in thirty minutes. "Mistletoe is PURE PROFIT!", she overheard someone say and indeed it was. By the time Christmas rolled around, Stella had raised $2,034 and had a check for the American Red Cross headquarters in New York City.


After that first year, Stella enlisted a team of like-minded friends from school to help in the effort. They toured the North Texas Food Bank and felt an immediate connection to helping kids in their own community. The MISTLECREW donned red hats and SOLD, SOLD, SOLD mistletoe, raising an astonishing $158,000 for the North Texas Food Bank in the past four years, FEEDING OVER 473,000 kids!


‘Tis the season again and the MISTLECREW and friends are elated to be back selling MISTLEOE in December with GREAT PURPOSE. COME SEE us this DECEMBER! Or JOIN in the Kiss-and-Tella challenge! Help them reach their GOAL to feed 210,000 this year by raising $70,000 for the North Texas Food Bank and breaking the Guinness World Record of most people kissing under the mistletoe.


Watch us in action!